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Team Communications and Collaboration

C.all Teams is a Managed Collaboration Service that allows Team Managers and their trusted Team Members to communicate and collaborate through a rich set of features, including the ability to create Collaboration Topics, to post and comment on Topic Messages, to upload and share Files of any type, to Text Chat, to make Audio Calls, to make Video Calls, and to Screen Share.

C.all is ideal for any Team that needs help managing and consolidating their Team Member's communications. Social Groups and Business Groups can equally benefit. C.all Partners lists a number of categories where Teams could benefit from Managed Collaboration. Additionally, C.all Teams could be easily customized for your particular needs. For more information please Contact Us .

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C.all Features

C.all Teams

Create your own teams. Join your friends, family, classmates, colleagues, club members. Manage an unlimited number of teams with an unlimited number of members per team. Manage sub teams within each team.

C.all Collaboration

Create collaboration topics for your teams. Collaborate on tasks, projects, ideas, meeting minutes, photo albums. Post messages, upload files and add comments. Manage an unlimited number of topics per team.

C.all Meetings

Host multi-party team conference meetings. Invite participants dynamically or schedule your meetings. Audio and video from any device and any browser. Share your screen. Record the meeting.

C.all Chat

Chat with your contacts and teams with real-time text messaging. Record and send audio/video chat messages. Send documents, photos and video clips.

C.all Security

Private team collaboration with trusted contacts. All collaboration (topic messages, text chat, meetings) is encrypted within a secure cloud environment. Securely sign in with multi-factor authentication.

C.all Devices

Collaborate from any device and any browser. Additionally, C.all Teams is available as an Android app and as an iOS app. Download today!

C.all Partners

C.all Teams can be easily customized to create unique managed collaboration solutions for different vertical markets. Additionally, through its open architecture, C.all Teams allows easy integration of its Team Communications and Collaboration Services into different software business systems. C.all Teams provides a unique opportunity to simply enable your business system teams to securely collaborate and communicate.

Many software business systems across many differerent categories can now benfit from integral team communications and collaboration. Categories such as...


Church Management


Content Management

Customer Management



Enterprise Resource Planning

Facilities Management

Field Service

Fleet Management

Home Health

Hotel Management

Human Resources

Inventory Management

K-12 Education

Learning Management

Legal Management

Long-Term Care

Maintenance Management





Professional Services

Project Management

Property Management

Recruiting Agency


Supply Chain Management

Please contact us now if you would like to discuss becoming a C.all Partner and customizing C.all Teams or integrating C.all Teams into your business system or application.

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